About Us

Our Vision

Soft Packaging Ltd is dedicated to being the leading manufacturer of packaging and plastics goods, using 100% recycled materials. Using state of the art techniques, we are rapidly expanding to become the Region's most innovative and eco-friendly manufacturers of industrial plastics and agricultural packaging.

Our Objectives

The company aims to produce the very best functional, high quality products available on the market, based on environmentally friendly inputs. By providing flexible packaging and plastic covering solutions, our goal is to support the industrial and agricultural market sectors by meeting customer needs with premium products.

Our Values

We strive to deliver international standard, quality products while upholding excellence in customer service. At Soft Group Packaging, we recognize the importance of understanding and meeting our customer's business needs and requirements to the best of our ability. To achieve this, we remain committed to technological innovation, building strong business relationships and quality assurance.

What we do


Green House

Greenhouse covering, available in any size